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Corporate governance and compliance

By being present during board or shareholders’ meetings, or by being an independent board member, we can advise you on specific legal matters during the meeting and ensure you meet your corporate compliance obligations.

EDB LAW will help you choose the best governance model, or assist you with your corporate housekeeping and day-to-day secretarial tasks. We can draft your internal rules, annual report, corporate governance charter or any other corporate legal documents.

Directors’ liability issues

Directors and executives need to understand the key principles of directors’ liability and appropriate protection.

EDB LAW will organise tailored board workshops to help you achieve proper understanding. We also provide with ad-hoc legal advice, and assist you in litigation matters.

Executive remuneration

To attract and retain executive talent, an attractive remuneration package (e.g. stock options, bonusses etc.) is crucial. In addition, there must be clarity and transparency about executive and corporate rights and obligations.

EDB LAW can assist you in defining and drafting management, consulting or service agreements or setting-up compensation and incentive plans.

shareholders’ agreements

EDB LAW can assist you in the negotiating and drafting shareholders’ agreements. Shareholders’ agreements describe how the company should be operated and outline shareholders' rights and obligations.

It is intended to make sure shareholders are treated fairly and their rights are protected. It also regulates how shares are transferred and to whom, and further safeguards minority rights.

M&A, joint-ventures and restructuring

The acquisition of a business, setting-up a new business or restructuring a business often involves several commercial partners, with different interests or insights. From a legal perspective, it is often a very complex process.

EDB LAW will assist you throughout the whole process (starting from drafting a term sheet, over performing due diligence right through incorporation or acquisition).

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